Grandmother Murders Grandchildren

grandkidsAfter picking up her grandsons from daycare, one grandmother was supposed to take them home to celebrate a birthday. Instead, she shot and killed both boys, and then she shot herself. Connecticut police found the bodies just hours after the Amber Alert went out, of the 2 year old and 6 month old boys.

It has been classified as a double murder suicide, and while we have been through mothers killing their children for various reasons, grandmothers seem to be something new. Either way, it is absolutely tragic for the parents and in general. The mother of Ashton (2) and Alton (6 months) Perry was preparing for birthday celebrations when Debra Denison picked them up from daycare.

Brenda Perry, the mother, called police at about 4 PM after not hearing from the boys or their grandmother. It was again Alton’s birthday, which is why they left daycare early. Police found a suicide note from Denison, who apparently suffered from split personality disorder and had a gun in her possession.

This is where I have a serious problem. Why in the hell would you leave anyone, let alone 2 defenseless children, an infant and a toddler, alone with someone you KNOW has serious mental health issues, let alone split personalities! I know she’s the grandmother, but were they stupid or just out of their minds? Personally, I have friends who have bipolar disorder, and I wouldn’t leave them alone with my dogs. If I go out of town, as much as I love them, my dogs do not stay with them. Why would kids be worth any less?

I’m not sure why Denison felt the need to take the children with her when she killed herself. Obviously, she had very serious issues that had not been properly addressed. I do realize hindsight is 20/20, but this just seems so obvious to me. Even if you think that they are properly medicated, in good condition, etc, you always supervise.

I supervise my dogs whenever they’re around any small children. It’s partly to protect my dogs. I don’t want them hurt, but I also don’t want to take any risks with kids. If a child gets even a small scratch or play bite, it could cost my dogs their lives. So far, the worst Zeus has ever done to a child is lick their face. He hasn’t even knocked a baby over.

I have been known to talk about survival of the fittest and for example gun laws being in place to protect the stupid from themselves. However, when it comes to kids and situations like this, the parents are to blame. The kids could not protect themselves, clearly, and it was the parents’ responsibility to be smarter than this.

Medical examiners are examining the bodies now to determine the cause of death. One can only hope that they went quickly and did not suffer.

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